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Brisbane Marathon Festival 2022

5 June, 2022

Mia and Megan set off for Brisbane for this event to take on another Half Marathon each. Both athletes had different experiences of the same course. Megan found the course incredibly challenging, and Mia breezed through, improving her average run speed by 30sec/km - an incredible feat!

Mia implemented a new strategy with her pacing, This time thinking of the course in different stages. 5km to warm up, 15km to race, and 1km to bring it home. She started the race in a faster section and found this helpful as the group helped her to keep to a faster pace. Mia found the course flatter, and strava agreed (incline 200m), she finished this time with an average speed of 6:58min/km. A great job!

Megan battled a few things, her foot injury was a problem in itself, but also prevented her from recovering and tapering as she would have liked between the two runs. She also had to buy new shoes, and while her new Asics Gel Nimbus were podiatrist recommended and no doubt offered good support, they lack the bounce of Nikes and Megan felt heavy on her feet. The course felt incredibly hilly, much more so than Sydney to Megan, though both Mia and Strava disagreed The data showed 100m less incline than Sydney, so the heaviness was in Megan's legs, not the course. This wasn't an ideal run for Megan, but despite it feeling worse, she still came in within 1min of her Sydney time, finishing in 1:47:09, which is still something to be very proud of.

Mia continues her running journey from here, planning to race 10km, 14km and when Blackmore's roles around in September she will run her first full marathon. Very excited to see how Mia attacks this next phase of her training.

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