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April 11, 2021

Wow, what a weekend, I’ve just sat down to summarise the weekend and feel so proud of everyone who competed and shared their energy in the training period. Even those who do not run, still ask me how the competitors’ training is going and the support is definitely appreciated! Big thank you to everyone who came down for the weekend in Canberra, Toastie and David included! I was so proud of how everyone ran, so I’m just going to jump to a summary of the results: MARATHON Suzy and Maggie ran the entire course, finishing their first ever marathon in 4:37:00 a time faster than they’d hoped for, and a credit to how well they adhered to their training plan throughout their three month camp. I couldn’t have been happier with how you went! OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON (wollongong) Claire and Nikki ran the Tri the Gong at the same time we were in Canberra. They also smashed out better than expected times, despite what I hear was an outrageously difficult cycle (wind) in 3:15:00 Swim: 29:47 (1.5km) Bike 1:37:00 (40km) Run 56:11 (10km) (5:37min/km) HALF MARATHON Mia initially registered for the SMH Half Marathon in 6 weeks time, but this event was cancelled and she brought her date forward to the Canberra event. With quite a difficult training block, Mia still managed to produce an amazing run, running the entire course on pace, and finishing in 2:37:00. I’m very much looking forward to Mia competing in Blackmores' half later in the year, where she will be able to complete a full training program, as this result is already impressive. Have a great week in Melbourne, Mia! 10KM Ryan and I completed the 10km. Ryan ran a great run on what took us all (5km run too) by surprise to be a more challenging course than expected. Definitely more hills and turns! Ryan came through with a 6:03min/km time and 1:02:00 finish I ran a 4:22min/km and finished in 43:43, placing 14th of 757 women, 104th of 1439 entrants 5KM Very impressive runs by our first fun run attendees! Sally, Bec Nagle and David all running the full course and David especially producing an impressive speed we’ve not seen in training! Once again, congratulations to everybody on such impressive runs. Blackmores is the next big event on the calendar on Sunday 19th September in Sydney. There are a few of you I would like to do events before then, but we will talk about that in the coming weeks. For now, rest up, recover, congratulate yourself on your effort. I’ve just seen photos are now available for Canberra, so check those out too. What a wonderful weekend, thank you all, supports included, for being part of the team, Megan

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