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5th December, 2021

Competing in any athletic event when you don't feel that you have done all of the prep you want to, or you're not as ready as you could be is always tough. That just makes me so much more proud of the people who ran this race. ​ 2021 was a bland year. Athletic performance is a creative, passionate pursuit. Delivering peak performances is these times is tough and this team did brilliantly. ​ 5KM Gaby from Chile, ran her first ever fun run, choosing the 5km course and smashing a very impressive time of 5:30min/km for the duration, finishing in 28:07mins ​ Sally ran her second fun run, brining in a consistent effort of 42:55min ​ 10KM Mia is a regularly competitor in running events. Usually running the longer courses, Mia finished this one in 68mins. Every time Mia runs, I am impressed with her attitude and grit on event day ​ Suzy, the marathon runner, annihilated her 10km race. It's a big ask to get a marathon runner to move at a 10km pace, but Suzy channelled her sprint training, managed her knee injury and safely brought in a 5:26min/km average to finish in 54:56 ​ After great performances from the team when none of them were feeling at their best, I am very excited to see what 2022 holds for our team. Not every comp has to be your best, but it certainly helps you to keep moving forward efficiently. ​ Big respect to the team, and all of their training partners (sprint partners in particular), see you all in 2022 <3

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