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Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2022

15 May, 2022

Mia and Megan trained and competed in the SMH Half Marathon this year. Mia, having registered in 2020 and missing the event due to covid cancellations since then. Megan competed in the 2018 event and vowed never to run a half again (lol).

Megan finished the race and was very happy with her run, finishing in 1:46:33, averaging a 5:03min/km. A few days after the event Megan realised she had run on a pretty broken shoe for most of the event, with her foot swelling and becoming painful to walk on. A visit to the podiatrist later, the diagnosis is swelling of the cuboid area, we treat it and hope it's ok for the Brisbane Half in 2 weeks. A good run for Megan.

Mia had a harder run. The course was very hilly and Mia found this difficult to manage. She still finished in a strong 2:33:03. Together we discussed her strategy and modified to attack the Brisbane Half with a new plan.

I like this event because it is just one (challenging!) distance, separating it from other running festivals which often offer a variety of distances.

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